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The Hills of Arran

Welcome to my website and online gallery.

After many years of lazy photography using nothing more than the ‘auto’ and ‘landscape’ buttons on compact cameras I decided in late 2016 to get back into using my camera a bit more creatively. In my much younger days I had used a 35mm Zenit camera that had absolutely no automatic features, not even a light meter, and I remembered how much fun it had been learning the craft and producing attractive images (most of the time) simply by gaining experience and using my judgement. Digital cameras had made me lazy, there was no doubt about it.

So here I am  blessed to be living on the Isle of Arran in the Firth of Clyde and loving photography again. In the past couple of years I have discovered (and rediscovered) so much more than I ever knew back in the days of film; using RAW, DSLR & mirrorless cameras, digital processing and a whole host of other aspects of digital photography. I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride and I know there’s still so much more to learn.

I tend to concentrate on landscape images and I’m spoiled for choice on on the island. I’m not a far traveller but when I find myself away from Arran,  my favourite places for photography are the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the north west of England, especially the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

I hope you enjoy these  images. They are a selection of my own particular favourites. There are many more on my Filckr page which can be accessed directly from this link.

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Thanks for dropping by

David Brookens

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